However you catch your thrills — hike, climb, ride, camp, dive, or slide — we’re your kind. The weekend warriors, the amateur adventurers… the everyday explorers. 

What you’ll find here isn’t a blog — not in the usual sense. More an evolving grid of our favourite finds. A curated collection of things to take outdoors — and remind us of it when we return.  

The Monday drop is a semi-regular, semi-serious series of reviews. Jaunty critiques of people, products and places — slim on fact, but full in flavour. No tepid essays tediously labouring over the pros and cons of various fabrics. We’re here for the fun! 

And adventure? You’ll find that too. Join us on romps through the wilderness from the comfort of your couch. We hope they’ll not only tempt you to follow, but to blaze your own trails... then tell us about them via —  #theverydayexplorer