I’ve always disliked the word 'wanderlust'. I don’t like how it sounds. I don’t like how it looks. When someone tells me they have wanderlust, I don’t hear them expressing a desire to travel — I imagine them having a tawdry holiday fling with a german magician.

I'll tell you what I lust for when exploring — coffee.

It's actually less a desire, and more a necessity. I have approximately a 30 minute grace period after waking where my body still hasn’t realised that it’s actually awake, and after that, things head south at an alarming rate. Unfortunately this addiction is also cruelly coupled with judgmental tastebuds — ruling out any hope of salvation from Starbucks, International Roast, and Nespresso.

Safe to say that some of my early adventures to remote places resulted in some dark times.

Until I discovered the Aeropress.

It's small enough, light enough, and durable enough to bury in your bag or backpack for a quality fix in even the most bean-starved backwater, or mid-trail picnic. Just grab some ground beans before you leave (or better — whole beans and a grinder), and no matter how far you roam, you'll never be more than five minutes from a decent hit.

Satisfy your filthy urge to grind —