When Grizzly Adams wandered into the hills after being wrongly accused of murder, the last thing on his mind was befriending a bear, calling him Ben, bro'ing out, finding a WiFi connection, and jumping online to order this sublimely badass axe...

It was, however, the 1800's.

Thankfully due to technology, you need not suffer the same deprivation. And if you're yet to feel the heft of an axe in your calloused paws — let us enlighten...

The Monday Mountaineers - anatomy of the Axe

Yes, we've certainly developed quite the kink for the supplies from Best Made, and their 'Flashman' American Felling Axe is right at the top of our "things we'd love to take into the woods this weekend" list.

Take me to Best Made —


Enjoy a little nostalgia from ol' Grizzly A, below.