HIKE Nº 01

Lauterbrunnen — Mürren — [Schilthorn — Mürren] — Stechelberg — Lauterbrunnen

Starting at Lauterbrunnen, leave the lazy queuing for trains and cables, and take the trail. Around the centre of the town, look for a sign to Mürren, and head uphill. Right from the get-go you just know this trail means business — there’s no time to warm up the legs, as the first few k's tear violently upwards in a quad-flogging urgency to cover as much vertical as possible. Every step is worth the sweat though, as the path switchbacks through forest, across waterfalls, and opens here and there into alpine meadows with views of the valley. 

Once you've reached the top of the cliffs, savour the stroll as the trail mellows into a pleasant meander along the rail lines. If you're especially lucky, you'll be treated to a passing trainload of patronising waves. 

A few minutes along the ridge and you're in Mürren. From here, there's a few options — but if the weather's fine, a quick trip up the Schilthorn is well worth the detour. Did you know they shot Bond here? You'd never know it — Bond themed signage; Bond themed cable car; Bond themed theme park. Fortunately the panorama of peaks peaking through cloud sure is a sight that's worth the Bond bludgeoning. Pro tip: Squeeze a couple of Rugenbräu's with your bro's into one 360 degree rotation of the restaurant.... which is also Bond themed.

When you've soaked in the scenery long enough (or had about as much Bond as you can handle), take the cable back down to Mürren, change cable, and head down to Stechelberg on the valley floor. By this stage you'll probably be thirsty again, so treat yourself to another Rugenbräu at the cart in the carpark. Don't forget to look up! Not just for the waterfalls, but the surrounding fields are a landing zone for BASE jumpers hurling themselves from exit points in the cliffs overhead. These guys are all kinds of crazy, and crazy is always good entertainment. 

Finally, wander back down along the river to Lauterbrunnen to complete the circuit. Now that you're practically a BASE jumper — having critiqued form for the past hour — grab a beer at Horner, the local BASE jumper's watering hole. Go ahead — have another Rugenbräu. You've earned it.