If you’ve got a particular proclivity for languages you might just recognise that 'Jungfrau' is the German word for 'virgin'. Given that the youngest lady we saw was hobbling towards the breakfast buffet with what appeared to be the gait of a recent hip-replacement, and the resentful silence she shared with her partner while they slowly gnawed through a baguette and various cold meats made it clear that at some stage in the past they'd been lovers — the exact origin of the name was unclear to us.

Nevertheless, the German lineage should give some hints to what you'll find here. Large cowbells around the necks of large cows who’re eventually served on large plates accompanied by large side-lashings of potato and cheese, washed down by large steins of beer and concluded with the delivery of a large bill. But the real reason for coming here is the large number of hikes in larger-than-possible landscapes. 

Yes, the Jungfrau region is everything you imagined Switzerland to be. Rolling green meadows splashed with Edelweiss, and intersected by sheer cliffs that seem to mock any decent or logical scale. Every way you spin is a postcard — by the end of the week you'll have broken Instagram, all your friends will hate you, and even the most stunning panorama will earn only a half-hearted reach for your camera. 

It should come as no surprise then, that this is a great place to hike. There entire region is sliced by trails, all meticulously mapped and signposted. You're not going off the beaten trail here, but with scenery like this — you won't really care. 

So, where to begin? Well, any boy scout worth his badges will tell you that preparation is key — so grab yourself a map and a croissant, and plot a course. If, howevs, you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices — here's three of our favourites.