HIKE Nº 02

First — Bachalpsee — Bort — [Grindelwald]

You know what lights up an Instagram feed? Alpine lakes mirroring mountains and corn-blue skies. Yessir — if you want to get the little red heart beating like your account just ran 5 miles — this here hike’s your boy. 

The quickest access to Bachalpsee is to take the cable from Grindelwald all the way up to First. From there, it's an easy swagger along a well-worn path to the lake. Once you've done what you came to do (taking a few million photos), it's time for the support act (taking a walk through the hills). 

From Bachalpsee, there's a couple of options — but we recommend turning downhill and following a meandering path back to Bort. The first part of the hike leads you down through an open valley with the stage-prop backdrop of the Eiger north face. There's a nice little waterfall to explore about halfway down, then a short road leads you onto a steeply switchbacking trail down through the forest all the way to Bort.

From Bort, you could continue along the trail all the way back down to Grindelwald. Or, you could bloody well grab life and kick it in the crotch. And by that I mean hiring a gravity scooter and tearing through the lower meadows like a banshee. By all means, walk — we're sure the stroll would've been quite pleasant — but you haven't lived until you've ridden the bastard coupling of bike and skateboard at obscene speeds down a hill. Don't listen to the nervous Nelly in the hire station — you can do it in 15.