HIKE Nº 03

Lauterbrunnen — Wengen — Allmend — Wengernalp — Lauterbrunnen

Like the first wander, this one also starts in Lauterbrunnen. From the train station head up the main street towards the sound of bells (either the church or the cows— both lead the right way) then follow the signs for Wengen. 

The trail leads you over the river and into the forest for a relatively civilised push uphill. Don't be fooled though, even when you reach Wengen at the top of the cliffs, the trail continues uphill at a slowly demoralising pitch for the next few hours, all the way to Wengernalp. The Allmend to Wengernalp section of the trail is the real star of this show, rolling along beside and under the Baawald cliffs.

When you reach Wengernalp, you're at your halfway mark, but from here it's quite literally all downhill. Just past the railway station take a turn and start a slow loop down towards the forest that runs along the top of the cliff.

It's worth noting here, that if you experience mild vertigo, as I do — and by that I mean that I once crossed a city footbridge on my hands and knees, whimpering, while school kids, mums with strollers, and an elderly pensioner with a walker sauntered by — be warned that this walk is the embodiment of that phobia. At various vantage points along the way my companions leant over the edge of the earth to take photos, while I blazed a new trail 30 metres inland.

Sheer drops aside, it's a lovely trail that goes by quite quickly (especially with your eyes shut to slits). Soon enough you'll find yourself back below Wengen and on the same path down to Lauterbrunnen. High five your buddies, high five yourself — you just owned walk no. 3.