It’s a special fool that crashes a near new drone into a cliff and not six short hours later (and 2 whiskeys deep) swipes plastic for a replacement.

A short memory, perhaps — but this is not another lesson unlearnt.

Last time, my aircraft demanded an aviator with a deft command over the controls — a deftness that was not evident when I executed what began as a Top Gun-esque flyby of a waterfall and concluded in a catastrophic mid-cliff collision, followed by a fireball into jungle several hundred feet below. That’s all I have to say about that (read about every detail here!).

This time though, I took pilot error right out of the equation.

To takeoff? Just pitch it. No, seriously — wind right up and Babe Ruth it. Gaze amazed as it sprouts four tiny wings and flaps for the skies, and once achieving a personal orbit, tracks every move and manoeuvre you make via a waterproof GPS tracker stashed anywhere on your personage.

Waterproof; shockproof; small enough to shove in a daypack; and optically equipped to capture, in delightfully high definition, whatever adventure you set out on. Why, hello 21st century, it’s nice you got here at last. But always with news like this: after the wonder comes worry — does anyone ever take heed of Terminator? These types of advancements never end well for the humans.

Fortunately for our species, we’ve got a few more months ahead. Pre-order your own piece of the inevitable to arrive mid-ish 2016, and future-proof your selfie game.

Rise of the machines —