some things you just need.

As I was jogging down the beach to surf this morning, two things ocurred to me:

1. I hate running. Hated it at school, kept the hate strong all the way into middle age — but put a board under my arm, sand under my feet, and a wave in the distance — I’m off like Forrest Gump. 
2. There are few things more ridiculous than a grown man bounding down the beach in a neoprene onsie.

Sadly, unless you’re lucky enough to live in the tropics and can lounge year-round with boardshorts slapping your hamstrings, or a bikini girding your loins — the wearing of wetsuits is a given. To rub salt in the wound — most brands sting us with the better part of six crisp c-notes for the privilege of transforming into Ken or Barbie, or even worse, board room attire for the ultimate board meeting — 

Enter, Need.

Like a mate with industry hook-ups, Need sells premium suits at primitive prices.

But how do they do it? Is it the work of some wealthy benefactor? Is it my recent LinkedIn pal, King Mobatu of Somalia, back to his old tricks? No, the answer’s real simple. By cold-bloodedly culling retailers, middle-men, sponsored athletes, advertising, marketing, branding, swing tags and packaging — they save a shipload of cash. And, being the bros that they are — pass those savings on.

There are certain things in life you don’t skimp on, howevs. Butter. Toilet paper. Neoprene. Need skimps on none of these — nor does it cut costs on design or manufacturing. Today I felt every bit as comfortable, every bit as warm, and every inch as ridiculous running down the beach in my new Need suit as I did in my previous big brand steamer. 

If you’re going to look silly — might as well pay a pittance.

Basic needs —