Why should going outdoors come at the cost of dignity? 

You can let your chin sprout unkept, you can free your pores from make-up, heck, even go a day or two unwashed — but the threads we’ve seen folks drape themselves in the name of ‘technical’ defies all sense of decency.

Just because we’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean we need to go wild. 

The balance between function and fashion — that struggle has always been real. The hunt for clothes that tame sweat but with plenty of swagger. Brooklyn-based brand, Outlier, cracks that code and brings them both. 

We’re particularly fond of their pants. No baggy pantaloons or spacesuit fabrics here. Breathable, stretchy and comfortable enough for the weekday commute or a weekend adventure, in cuts that you’d be comfortable to be seen in while sipping single origins. Just take our money already.

So, if you possess a pair of longs that can be zipped to shorts — give yourself a stern slapping and march yourself straight over to outlier.cc and repent your sartorial sins.

The next best thing to sans pants