One of my greatest regrets from my youth is that when adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was: ‘a barrister’. Seriously, what kid says that? While other youngsters aspired to respectable professions like firemen, zoo keepers, astronauts and super heroes, apparently I couldn’t wait to don a wig and sue someone.

With the benefit of hindsight — I wish I’d wanted to be a fighter pilot. Maybe I watched too much Perry Mason as a lad, but the first time I sat enthralled by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, I realised I’d made a terrible hypothetical career choice. Yes, the pen may be mightier than the sword, but given the choice between a biro and a stinger missile — I’m pretty confident I know which one I’d theoretically choose right now.

Luckily, Smith gives all of us a chance to re-do poor imaginary life choices and release the inner Maverick with the I/O Recon goggle.

All the style of an airforce pilot, all the tech you’d expect in a premium snow goggle: quick release lens system, anti-fog, helmet compatibility, etc.  ENHANCED, WITH built in gps and bluetooth™ heads-up display. 

Want to drop data on mates at the end of the day? Location, temperature, altitude, vertical, runs, distance, speed, jumps, GPS track… it’s all there. Want to remove Tay Tay from your playlist mid-run? Do it, hater. Want to get text messages without losing digits to frostbite? Sure thing. Want to follow your buddies through a whiteout without spending the next hour playing ‘did they take the chairlift and wait at the top, or are they on their way down and I should just wait for them here?’ Yep, that sure is a game that ensures everyone’s stoked when you see them next. You’ll never need to play it again, if your heads are wrapped in Recons.

Great balls of fire —