I like to think of myself as a man of the world — well travelled, seen it all. I've perched on toilets that've warmed, washed, and blow-dried my undercarriage in Japan, and snowboarded in a desert in Dubai. I’ve slept two in a trunk in Tijuana to avoid paying 15 bucks for a motel too, but that’s a lengthy tale for another time.

All these experiences, yet watch me squeal with delight opening a steel tube and discovering my hot beverage is still hot, even after four hours trudging through a blizzard… you'd think I'd seen magic.

When it comes to picking a thermos, don't fall for gimmickry or fashion — choose tried and tested, every time.

Stanley’s been throwing down quality thermoses for over a century. We think there's a certain rugged beauty in their brutal utilitarian stylings too — a design that’s barely changed since their very first bottle rattled off the production line.

Proven? Oh yes. They’ve been aboard bombers in WWII, hauled human organs, and kept bull semen at optimum… warmth. Oh, people use them for coffee too, but damned if I’ll ever share a brew with a rancher now.

Warm hug your insides —